Monday, October 12, 2009

God does it again...

In what is being described by advance marketing materials as "the first divine creation in more than 6,000 years," God Almighty, Our Lord Most High, introduced a brand-new species of bird into existence Monday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ealges Hunting Dogs?

Heard about this article from a co-worker, Cybil. It is of little value. But, the part about the Bald Eagle hunting dogs and then the residents outrage of it " swans" is interesting. I find the part about the dog hunting unlikely. Though the story reeks of urban legend, there could arise a situation where an eagle and a dog could have slugged it out.
But of all this, the best part is that Cybil, who lives in Annapolis, near Quiet Waters Park, said that her neighbors are now attributing vanishing cats to these Bald Eagles. Based on this article, no less.

Neighbors heard the barking but thought little of it. When Trubee got home, the racket was still going on. He went out back to find his dachshund Dicky in a rage, barking into the woods, and Moby, his Jack Russell, cowering on the ground, bleeding.

When Trubee probed the tree line to investigate, out hopped a young eagle that took flight for safety. The Jack Russell had more than 20 puncture wounds from repeated eagle attacks, Trubee said, and appears to owe its life to the brave dachshund that fought off the intruder.

The eaglets weren't done marauding. A few weeks later, I'm told, folks down on the Heron Pond watched in horror as they snatched up a whole family of baby swans.