Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A New Way to Communicate

Of coarse I've known about Twitter for over a year now. Only recently does it seem to have matured in the sense that its moving beyond the Tech community into mainstream. After all, Oprah is using it.
I've been thinking that it would make a great replacement for the old Listserve of bird sightings. Today, I was playing with it on my iPhone. (I apoligive if this is sounds i-snob, but things work so well on my iphone.) So you make a sighting, post a tweet with a picture and location and BAM! Those that follow you or are part of the community can get it. Now pair that with the Bird guide app and you got something.
Twitter is been a great way to find the local parties for a while. Maybe we can find a use for the older crowd.


Chris Petrak said...

I recently got the iPod touch so I could carry birdJam with me - and then found iBird Explorer. But instant messaging, twitter, etc, will remain beyond my reach - mainly because most places where I wander have(believe it or not!) no cell phone service. I carry one when traveling, but beyond that seldom use it. When the Bar-headed Goose showed up in Brattleboro, I did call a couple of people who hurried over, but that will remain an exception, not a rule. Believe me, the cell service, or lack of, is one of the joys of rural Vermont! Enjoy your blog

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

We need a couple of clasess/ lessons. Maybe over beers? Oh, and I guess we need the Iphone also. An upgrade from my granny phone!